MFC:Post_process  v1.0
Modules List
Here is a list of all modules with brief descriptions:
 Nm_compile_specificThis module contains subroutines that are compiler specific
 Nm_data_inputThis module features procedures, which for a specific time-step, read in the raw simulation data for the grid and the conservative variables and fill out their buffer regions
 Nm_data_outputThis module enables the restructuring of the raw simulation data file(s) into formatted database file(s). The formats that may be chosen from include Silo-HDF5 and Binary. Each of these database structures contains information about the grid as well as each of the flow variable(s) that were chosen by the user to be included
 Nm_derived_typesThis module features the definitions of all the custom-defined derived types that are utilized throughout the post_process code
 Nm_derived_variablesThis module features subroutines that allow for the derivation of numerous flow variables from the conservative and primitive ones. Currently, the available derived variables include the unadvected volume fraction, specific heat ratio, liquid stiffness, speed of sound, vorticity and the numerical Schlieren function
 Nm_fftwThe module contains the subroutines for the FFT routines
 Nm_global_parametersThis module contains all of the parameters characterizing the computational domain, simulation algorithm, stiffened equation of state and finally, the formatted database file(s) structure
 Nm_mpi_proxyThis module serves as a proxy to the parameters and subroutines available in the MPI implementation's MPI module. Specifically, the role of the proxy is to harness basic MPI commands into more complex procedures as to achieve the required communication goals for the post-process
 Nm_start_upThis module contains the subroutines that read in and check the consistency of the user provided inputs
 Nm_variables_conversionThis module consists of subroutines used in the conversion of the conservative variables into the primitive variables. In addition, the module also contains subroutines used to compute the mixture variables. For a specific time-step undergoing the post-process, the mixture variables are stored everywhere on the grid so that they may possibly be outputted or used to compute other derived flow quantities